Only Serving the Best for Our Community

Learn about the team behind Gregory's Seafood Market & Restaurant

Founded by a husband and wife, Gregory's Seafood Market & Restaurant has been committed to serving fresh seafood to families for over 25 years. We treat our customers like family and get to know them as they keep coming again and again. This special relationship with our clientele means we know exactly what our customers like and don't like when we design our menu.

We stand out from other restaurants in the area because we:

  • Have 60+ years of experience
  • Make our food fresh with no preservatives
  • Are family-owned and -operated

Come by our restaurant to taste our incredible food for yourself.

Never compromising on quality

We decided to start our own business to uphold a high standard of freshness when we saw other seafood start to decline in quality. We do our best to keep our food as fresh and organic as possible. When you visit us, you can expect us to serve you a meal made from only the highest-quality food and ingredients.